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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 8 months ago


The main premise for the project is listed above, so the discription of construction will be below.

I started this project by designing the front pice on CAD.

This portion of the backpack underwent the most design changes. Originally I thought I would route the strapst through holes on the face plate. However, this would be too weak, so I took those holes off. After finally settling on a design, I cut two of them out on the ShopBot with Chad. I also got an old broken school backpack from Chad that I would use for the back.

I had a Cross Country meet the next day so I had to finish the whole thing in one night. I started by wiring up the speakers.


For the Amplifiers, I used two sets of Compaq computer speakers. I connected the imput of one to the out put of another to create a daisy chained amplifier system. I connected the three speakers to the second amp's out put, and connected them both to a 12 volt battery pack. I chose the amps from the computer speakers because I had access to lots of them. This meant I could make as many of these backpacks as I wanted.

These are pictures of the pieces that milled on the Shop Bot. The front piece, and the piece underneath it (covered by black fabric) are made from similar CAD drawings.


I connected the amps to the back of the faceplate, then painted everything. After lots of tinkering, I was ready to connect everything. I attached the faceplate with screws at the top, and fabric everywhere else so it could move some. After cutting everythimg else away, it was done.


These are pictures of the running pack on someone. As you can see, it is very slim, this is done in order to keep the backpak's heavier parts as close to the center of gravity as possible.


Name of project

This Is the GFI 9-5Runpack


Who worked on the project

I did.


Goal of project

To design a completly portable back pack that is extremely light and waterproof. And can be used as a sond system on long woods runs. Also, the pack must be cheap and able to be reproduced for an entire team if need be.


What products did your group create - include photos and links to cad/cnc files

I created Cad drawings and the backpack


What was your role in the project

I did Everything to design it. Chad helped me through the debugging of the ShopBot.


What role did CAD play in the project

CAD Played an enourmous role in this project. I used Pro Desktop to design it from the start. I then tweaked the design using Part Wizard.


How did you use the design process on the project?

I Started this project knowing that nothing like it had been done before, so the design process is very important.


Point a link to the documentation

Unfortunatle, Part Wizard Files can't be exported as .jpg's as Pro D files can. So Unfortunatly I don't Have and Incredible amount of Documentation for this project.

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