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Electric Violin Project

Page history last edited by Stephen M. 14 years, 10 months ago

The Hand Made Magnetic Pickup Electric Violin


The Pickups


The Case

The Body

The Finished Product  


The Logo


     Inspired by my younger brother's acoustic violin building, I decided to build my own electric violin in Summer 2008.  However, school soon started and the project was put on hold.  I got back into the project in the last part of Winter 2009.  I completed the building of the violin in a period of two weeks.  However, there were some audio issues that, in my naivety, took months to research and literally two minutes to fix. That fix, although demoralizing in its simplicity finished the project and allows me to present here my electric violin build beginning to end.  After fixing the audio problems i felt that it was time to biuld a nice Case and Logo for this project.


Cost of this project  (everything else was found or scavenged)

For Violin

42 awg wire $21

Strings $5

AlNiCo Magnet  $5

Tuners $12

Potentiometers $10

Capacitors $0.50


For Case

Luan $10

Paint $5


Bow $20


Total spent on violin project:  $88.50



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