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Electric Violin Logo

Page history last edited by Stephen M. 14 years, 10 months ago

A view of the completed violin, case, and logo.


Following the Electric VIolin Build, while building the case i was also thinking about how i would want to mark it.  I knew i would paint the case black, because i had lots of black spray paint.  I aslo had silver and gold spray paint on hand, so i recycled a previous t-shirt design that i had to make to make a logo for the case.   The t-shirt design had been created with the limitations of silk screening in mind.  However, because i was going to be bending the design around a corner of the case, i figured that a stencil would be the best idea.  I needed to rework the design to consider the limitations of the stencil.  This meant that there could be no "islands" of the non stenciled color.  I also simplified the design and reworked it to use two colors (silver and gold)



The original design and the stencil version. (made for a cross country t-shirt)  The yellow and gray will be gold and silver.


The design in seperate stencils for the two colors.  I designed these stencils for use with spray paint.  However, halfway through cutting out the first stencil I remembered that the local High School had a CNC Vinyl cutter.  I could just CNC the entire thing and save myself a lot of hassle.



This is the case after two coats of black spray paint and two coats of polyurethane.


The CNC'ed logos.  They really are cut, its just hard to tell.


The gold portion of the logo applied without issue.


After the first color of logo, i coated the case with another two layers of polyurethane.


The components of the violin in their future homes.


Weeding and placing the lettering.  The first picture is the "weeded" design (excess material removed)

The second is after laying down masking tape.  The tape then peels back the vinyl.  When the vynil sticks to something, it will hold onto the target harder than the tape, allowing it to be placed easily.


The complete design ready for more poly.


The whole box.


After two more coats of polyurethane, the case was ready for finishing touches.  First was some method to keep the case closed.  I choose some lengths of nylon strap and some buckles from the scrap bin.  These were screwed to the case on each of the 4 "back" sides.


The box closes easily and the buckles snap shut securely.


I scavenged a handle off of an old karaoke machine and attached it to the case above its center of gravity.  Because all of the components inside the case are held in designated locations, the center of gravity will never change.


With the components in position i was able to make some padding around the contact areas of the violin.  The body touches the case in only 3 locations (one at the two pins at the back and above and below the head stock) but i padded wherever the violin might touch if it were dropped.


A small rubber bumper was made at one end of the case for the bow track.  Now the bow slides in from the side of the case and fits snugly.

Note the white adhesive pad at the top right: this is where the rosin box will go (when i buy some rosin)


The cable that will connect the violin to the amp is held in place with two double-sided velcro strips that are attached to the handle bolts.


The finsihed violin with its case.



A job well done.


Cost of this project  (everything that was purchased by me)

For Violin

42 awg wire $21

Strings $5

AlNiCo Magnet  $5

Tuners $12

Potentiometers $10

Capacitors $0.50


For Case

Luan $10

Paint $5


Bow $20


Total spent on violin project:  $88.50



 Violin Project Home


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