These are all of the drawings that pertain to the Back Pack Boom Box:

Views of the complete speaker assembly

This is the view of the front of the complete assembly for the backpack boom box.

This is the rear view of the backpack boombox speaker assembly

A rear isometric view

A front isometric wiew

Below are the individual 3D renderings of all of the individual pieces of the back pack blaster and also the pictures of the 2D drafting versions:

Small Faceplate

This is the front view of one of the four smaller side faceplates. The function of these is to protect the 2" speakers by holding the black protective mesh that sits in front of the speakers

This is the 2D version of the drawing

This is the 1/2 inch thick MDF base that was made to hold all the components

This is the drawing

Below are the views of the Speakers used on the assembly

The various views for th 3D rendering of the 5" speaker

These are the views for the 3D rendering of the 2" speaker

These are the drawings with dimensions for the speakers (5", 2", and isometric for both)